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While idly perusing the internet one afternoon, I stumbled across Josh Crain's Running Log.
His amazing site inspired me, but there was one issue - he used a Garmin Smartwatch to get his data whereas I was reliant upon a dodgily-formatted Excel spreadsheet.

I took his idea, and ran with it, devising my own solution to the problem.

I had been outgrowing the spreadsheet for some time, and it was becoming tiresome to have to manually enter data into a new row at the end of the sheet.

This made the switch to Airtable easy!

Let me take you through my final solution:

All the data is stored on the backend in Airtable, which connects to the SSG system that I use (11ty).

Logging a new run is simple, with a password-protected form on the frontend making it quick and easy.

The data then syncs over to the DB, which triggers a rebuild of the site using Zapier.
Within 15 minutes, all the data will have been transferred to the site, and added to both the main page, and the individual activity log page.

This is a system that works well, though I have more planned! In future, I'd love it to display some charts - analyse the data rather than just show it. That may be beyond 11ty's capabilities though, so watch this space!

May 2023