The Colophon


Headings are set in Maragsâ Display, a quirky typeface with buckets of personality.
Designed by John David Maza, it's angular and abrubt nature complements nicely with the crisp clean lines of Inter, which most text is displayed in.

On the writing pages, Linden Hill by Barry Schwarz is used. With slight, yet not entirely articulated curls, Linden Hill strikes the perfect balance between legibility and style.


With regards to colour, I made some more key decisions.

My main signature colour is a shade of yellow, verging on orange - # FBC551.


The site is generated using Eleventy (11ty), 'a simpler static site generator'. It's an amazing piece of software, making it unbelievably quick and easy to add a new page, change the font, or do whatever the hell you want to every single page on the site.
The site is hosted on Netlify (don't ask me how to pronounce it), and automatically rebuilds whenever I make a change to the site.

Due to the magic of 11ty, rebuilding all 113 pages only takes about 4 seconds.

N.B before 11ty, this site was built over Gatsby, where it took almost 5 minutes to complete a build...

March 2023