The Crucible

17 August 2023

A really good piece of theatre, whatever The Guardian say...

Some innovative lighting and design techniques - firstly, a waterfall boxed in the stage (like the fire curtain) before the start.
It was incredible abstract, and I didn'd understand it, but it was beautiful.

There was also a tent-like cyclorama where the grid would be, which reflected back the light from the stage - it had a really striking effect.

A view of the stage

The stage was also raked, which meant the light fell on it at exciting angles.

They also used haze innovatively to create a 'wall' using light, which we could occasionally punch through and see behind.

A snapshot from the production

By and large, the acting was good, however I found the plot muddled in parts - that could just be a me thing though...

A snapshot from the production

The end of the show also had an evacuation drill, which was fun!

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