19 August 2023

A thin plot, yet incredible experience.

As you descend the stairs into the KitKat Club, you are transported back 100 years to Weimar Germany. Long corridors filled with music, smokey figures, and low lighting, you are immersed in the show.

A figure from the production lunges forwards.

As you enter the foyer, a flashmob begins with 3 musicians around the bar. Once the house opens, you enter an incredible space, originally a standard proscenium-arch theatre, now 'in-the-round', filled with chairs and tables as if you were in a club.

The incredible converted space

The plot of Cabaret is a bit wishy-washy - think German 'Tales of the City', but the captivating staging, bold lighting, and outrageous costumes ensured it was a visual treat.

As someone sat at the end of the row, I became a little paranoid about the actors lunging past - the woman in front received more than her fair share of attention. However, the fear only made the experience more fun!

At the end of the performance, two members of the audience actually began fighting each other. They were removed by security, but it added a bit of excitement to leaving the building.

All in all, a really good show!

A snapshot from the production

By the end of the show, the costumes became more modest and conservative, to reflect the Nazi rise to power. A really cool way of illustrating the changing times!

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