18 January 2024

Frantic Assembly's production of Metamorphosis, performed at Bristol Old Vic.

Seen as part of Drama A-Level.

Frantic Assembly's production of Metamorphosis had good points, and bad points.

Firstly, the visuals were excellent.
The lighting and set wre innovative and interesting, and combined to create an interesting effect.
As well as this, some parts were adapted well - the very physical beginning was exciting to watch, and got the production off to a good start.

The physicality was incredible.

However, it only went downhill from here.
Some parts of the plot were changed badly, such as making Gregor adopted. This harmed the story, and didn't seem to be a change that took place for any particular reason.

As well as this, not all of the performers delivered, with one in particular failing to land for us.

Some effects were really nice..

All in all, I really wanted to like it, but came away a little disappointed.

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