22 November 2023

The first production I saw as part of Drama A-Level. Delayed from September, we all headed over to the Bristol Old Vic to see Bacon.

It was one of those plays which will stay with you. When it finished, we all sat in silence for a good couple of minutes.

The two performers were incredible.

The two performers were both outstanding. William Robinson especially was phenomenal, with us all commenting on how amazing he was.

The lighting was atmospheric, and helped to place us in the different locations.
However, I was not a huge fan of the sound effects used. I thought the reciept printer, cash till, frying pan noises, and the rest were slightly tacky, and were more distracting than atmospheric.

The set was pretty cool!

The set was pretty cool! It was made up of a see-saw, with a kick down stand to stop it from tipping. They used it imaginatively, and it worked well with the LED batons lighting it from the grid above!

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