🎟️ Theatre signage

Our school theatre needed some new signage, and I was very keen to volunteer!

I wanted it to look as professional as possible, so I studied various wayfinding systems used in museums, airports, and other theatres.
I then drew inspiration from these as I embarked on designing a unique style tailored specifically for our school.

Simplicity was key - we couldn't have complex rules, or strict brand guidelines. Instead, I focused on creating a versatile and easy to use template.

Throughout the process, I experimented with various different ways of showing the information. Although the final design may seem basic, it communicates all the information you could need.

By the end of this process, we had a versatile house-style, used both online (on the new booking system, also launched by me!) and offline.

I had a great time doing it, and have since been asked to make signage for other departments within the school!

A sign reading 'Door 1'

A warning sign regarding strobe lighting.

A sign warning the Audience that photography is prohibited.

March 2023

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