📚 Library Branding

As part of an ongoing project, I recently designed new shelf signage for my school Library.

A bookshelf with a beautiful sign on it!

It ties in with the new branding and identity that I was soon to roll out, and recieved positive feedback from many in the community.

Before, the library had basic signage which didn't 'pop' out of the shelves. The library had just reorganised, organising books by the genre they fell under.
All the books were given a coloured sticker on the spine, corresponding to the category they were in.

I wanted to emphasise the colour coding in the signage.

The old Library signage
The old Library signage

I also worked with the Librarians to introduce a new style in other places, such as the library's presence on Instagram and the digital signage around the space.

September 2023

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