What's this? A new Website!?!

My previous portfolio (accessible here on the Wayback Machine, if you're that interested) ran on Gatsby.

It was a basic template I found on the internet, and I didn't love it.
I started off using it as just a portfolio site, but my requirements quickly grew and I realised that it would take a lot of work to adjust the theme to work how I wanted.
As well as this, Gatsby was taking longer and longer to build, and I was sick of waiting 3 or 4 minutes for the site to build.

A change was needed, but I didn't know what.

After looking around for a while, I discovered Eleventy!
I decided to build my new site using it, and then found the Fernfolio template, which I've tweaked to fit my style.
I'm really pleased with how it works, and the flexibility of Eleventy makes it really easy to change stuff in future!

March 2023