Building a Musical Paradise

After years of copying files manually to my phone, I wanted to wrangle back control of my music library.
I have a large collection of CDs, all of which are ripped to my desktop PC.

I had been planning to setup a Plex server (when I got the chance!). That was until Navidrome came along. It was exactly what I wanted - Open Source, easy to use, and completely under my control. Plex was shoved to the side, and I spun up a copy of Navidrome.




It all synced seamlessly! If I made a playlist on my phone, I'd glance up to my monitor, and there it was, perfectly replicated! If I got a new album, it would be downloaded onto my phone before I'd even removed the disc from the drive.
The interface was simple. I knew exactly where to find everything, and the app on my phone (Symfonium, also excellent) allowed me to tweak and customise everything to my heart's content.

I'm now approaching Week 4 with the new system, and it's amazing. Navidrome has transformed my music library beyond my wildest expectations.

If you get a chance, use Navidrome. Trust me, you won't regret it!

April 2023