Accessing my network remotely using Tailscale

I've already gone through my amazing UniFi network on here, but there was something missing.

With the arrival of my laptop, I was now more mobile than ever before, and that meant I needed to be able to connect back home, even when I wasn't in the house.

I'd experimented with the UniFi VPN, but my lack of static ip address stopped that in it's tracks.

I then stumbled across Tailscale - from their website:

Tailscale makes networking easy

Tailscale can help you manage and access private or shared resources from anywhere in the world.

This was perfect! I'd finally found the ideal solution. Even better, I could install it directly onto my UDM-Pro, making the setup a complete doddle.

I'd strongly recommend it to anyone looking for a free, and relatively simple home VPN.

These resources were really useful to me when setting it up:


How I Use Tailscale | Stan's Blog


August 2023